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Hicimos precencia: ALUMEXICO 2021

Hicimos precencia: ALUMEXICO 2021



How optimized is your process?

Are you using your own data to optimize?

We offer optimization solution that can assist you with these items and much more.

Join the revolution! Industry 4.0

Our Mission

ALTECH, short for Aluminium Technical Consulting is a project management firm created in order to assist customers with the technical challenges of today’s aluminum industry.  We in our team over 40 years experience addressing the technical & metallurgical needs of the R&D, automotive, aluminum extrusion, & billet casting industry.

If you understand the value of experience and expertise in the field of aluminium you will undoubtedly understand the value of our offering.

We are now pleased to be able to share this experience and expertise with you.

ALTEC - Aluminium Technical Consulting

A collaborative venture in order to broaden our service offer:


We are please to offer our experince in the follwing areas:

Technology for extrusion ingot casting

Alloy development and optimization.

Aluminium extrusions optimization

Die steel nitriding

High Speed Alloys implementation

LEAN manufacturing

Trouble shooting problems, metallurgical and root cause analysis

Audits of extrusion lines & aging furnaces

Training of operators

Technical sales

Alloy selection

Development of new products / processes

Recommendation on resolution of customer problems

Automotive applications and requirements

Quality management

Project management

Market research

Offered Services

Industry 4.0 - Extrusion Process Optimization

We can offer optimization tools for the extrusion process by analysis and proper utilization of current process data to fine tune the production parameters.  All together with an unprecedented level of analysis flexibility and executive summaries.  If you ever wondered how digitization could impact the extrusion process, with us you will find your answer.

Project Management

Weather you need a minor equipment modification or a full turnkey project, our team of experts and project managers are ready to take on the challenge.

Success Stories

  • Development of Industry 4.0 optimization strategies for the aluminium industry. Implementation of strategies (digitalization, IoT, BigData) in order to optimize aluminium extrusion line performance.
  • Implementation of Very Fast Alloys: In this customer a net productivity gain of 25% was achieved for the whole plant. (2017 vs 2018). This increase came also associated with an overall better surface finish of the extruded profiles.
  • Whole fabric productivity improvement: Assisting with optimization strategies the customer achieved 6% increase in net productivity gain for the whole plant with 4 press lines. (2016 vs 2017).
  • Optimized aging lines: in order to increase their capacity. Improvement achieved was 20% more throughput of the aging lines. This improvements also incorporate a reduction of operating energy costs since the total time of the aging cycles were reduced by 20%.
  • Mechanical properties troubleshooting and need reduce the variation. The customer initially had hardness variations from Webster 9-12. We were able to reduce the variation to W 11-12.
  • Project management assignment: The project consist of refurbishing an old cast house. Replacement of the whole melt treatment treatment equipment/process and installing a new continuous homogenizer. The main goal of the project will be to supply billets with as good quality as the main suppliers (Alcoa and HYDRO). Total cost of project 3,000,000 euros.


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